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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day!

My brother and sis-in-law arrived at 7am this morning from JB. I was asleep, but was semi-awakened around 8 when my bro came into my room to get something.

Hmm, I was 'busy' the past week. Had a quick meet up with Daftsavant at the Japanese cemetery (was told later that it was not a good idea to do that, hmmph). We felt more at ease communicating via YM. Can you imagine, we said, "I'll chat with you online later." after the usual awkward greetings and hurried home.

Then I was contacted via Skype by Andrew, a Malaysian studying in Singapore. He had bought tickets to Tanah Merah with a friend and decided to hunt down someone from KT to find information two days before his departure. The moral at the beginning of this story is, don't trust maps given out by KTMB. From that map, it appeared that Dabong and Kuala Krai in Kelantan was a short distance away from Kuala Terengganu. As the crow flies, perhaps. But if one to consult a road map, one could see that the only way to Kuala Terengganu would be via Kota Bharu. Andrew and Darren somehow walked to the cemetery just to see me (and give the two bottles of Florida's Natural) and even that was a comedy of errors, which I will not divulge. Let's just say that due to a communication breakdown between my mother and I, she went to get them from the cemetery, and I went to cycle (using a different route) to look for them. At 2-baking hot-p.m. Needless to say, I couldn't find them and decided to return home after 5 minutes of baking, as I had a feeling that mum had brought them home. I was right. And trust mum to not notice the bicycle gone.

When I entered the house, the first thing I said was, "If I get two shades darker, I blame you guys!" And that's when I noticed Andrew wearing a green sarong. He wasn't pulling my leg when he mentioned it over the phone after all. Sorry I couldn't join you guys for dinner, maybe next time. And maybe next time, you'll get bus tickets. Hehehehe.

The results are out at the A4grabs site. I won the Fasio hamper (worth RM500) and a haircut voucher (valid at some hairstylist's in KL). I haven't banked in the delivery charges yet.

I also won a baby-t and keychain in the Channel [V] The Ticket Failure To Launch contest. I usually don't hold much confidence in winning these e-mail contests because of the sheer volume of entries (I assume). I'm winning again. Yaay!

I am extremely hooked on Imogen Heap ever since I heard her on Pandora. If you went to her MySpace page, you can hear four of her songs. My favourite is 'Goodnight and Go'. It's very stalker-like.

Yesterday, I officially became one of three SuperMods (Super Moderator, not Super Model - unfortunately) at the Chip forum. I now have Supa Powers, which include banning people's behinds.

The days are just sweltering. I could just dig up a hole in the garden and make my own pool - if only digging didn't cause me to break into such a sweat. *g*

That's it from me for now. Take care, all!

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daftsavant said...

Wah! Still on a winning streaks! Ladies and gentlemen, here is the perfect specimen where the movie’s character in Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio comes to life. You still got your lucky horseshoe hanging above your bed, I see. :)

Hmm…I thought about staying back for awhile, gave you the chance to take some pictures for your gothic theme collection, then again the rendezvous point isn’t exactly a perfect spot for photo-op.

Thanks to her, Immi’s songs constantly keep playing on my iTunes/Winamp playlist. Goodnight and go…

PS: You really need some tone to your skin. “Two shades darker” would mask the reality of your hermit-like life. Hehehe…I kid. Say hi to your bro and sis for me.