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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Brief recap

The days just whizz by, especially when they're swelteringly hot. Let's see what happened.

I touched the pupa, it wasn't soft. It didn't wriggle either, but I wasn't intent on examining it in detail. It's still there, attached to the stem of the lime plant. I think it's getting darker now. I wonder how long the metamorphosis takes.

The 'Minggu Saham Amanah Malaysia 2006' ended and according to the news reports, the response was overwhelming. They predicted 200,000 visitors and they registered over 250,000 visitors (that's counting me and mum going three times), but I didn't register the last time. Mum handed me her id card and I thought it was mine (not thinking straight). No wonder the girl looked at me funny when I handed that card to her. Yet she said nothing. Imagine if people didn't register...there could be more visitors. To emphasize the scale of this response, I looked up the population of Kuala Terengganu online (2005 figures: 262,340 people), so imagine almost the whole of Kuala Terengganu converging at Pantai Batu Buruk. Imagine trampled grasses, chaotic traffic and parking.

And I got a blender to show for it. =) I looked online, at the Pensonic site. It's a nightmare. The links don't work on the page after the entry page. Here's the blender page. My blender is the only one with the dual jugs. (PB-325 DJ).

I got my Donor card in the mail the other day. Wasn't laminated or embossed. Just a plain printed card where I had to fill in my full name, date, signature and mark what I intended to donate. The card is similar to those free printed calendars meant for wallets, as thin and flimsy. I'll scan/take a pic one of these days.

In other news, the games at all4grabs (Season 6) have ended. It all depends on the management what prize they want to offer me. What a letdown. The only game I ever played was Puzzler. I was only tops in the other two games because of the referral points. I couldn't care less about those (2-month gym membership and RM60 haircut), second for the Xtion Paintball UFO shootout (voucher for three people).

I guess we shall have to wait and see. I don't intend to play anymore because I'm supposed to give a chance to the other players, and I don't like the fact that there are cheaters. And it's not fair if the prize I really want isn't given to me because I won other games. Why give me something I can't use? I will happily pass those other prizes to the other players. Grrr.

That's enough ranting from me for now. Oh, and I updated the post about the Online Chat With Ian Wright as well. Don't forget to check that and follow the link to the full chat transcript.

Take care, all! *Hmmm, was this a brief recap?

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