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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Return of the caterpillar

I knew the caterpillar had to be around eventhough I hadn't seen it in weeks. Okay, perhaps this is another caterpillar that managed to evade the kerengga ants. It was happily minding its own business until I decided to blow at it. I thought it would crawl away, but...

WHOOSH! Well, maybe not whoosh, nor zing BUT suddenly, these two red feelers came out of nowhere (actually, it came out from the top of its head). Wow. Yesterday, I blew at it and there was some clear liquid secretion from the ends. Don't know what it does and I'm not prepared to find out.
I blew at it some more and it reared its ugly head up. (Darn, I wish I could show this to my elder sis, she's got a caterpillar phobia *evil grin*). It looks so big and juicy, doesn't it? I'm almost tempted to break off one of the thorns from the lime plant and poke at it. But the thought of touching it makes me all squeamish *gets all squeamy*.

When I stopped harassing it, the feelers went back into its head. I wish I knew what it'll turn out to be. One of those sissy little butterflies or a big moth? I bviously don't know enough about these things. We do have a big Butterfly encyclopedia, but they only displayed the butterflies, not the caterpillars. That reminds me. Last year, my sis prepared the hantaran for my brother's wedding and she decided to try making butterflies. Mum saw them and said that the wings were dodgy and they didn't look like real butterflies. And then she added, "I know what butterflies look like, I got a big butterfly book at home." Hehehehehe... Yup, you're not a certified butterfly expert unless you have an encyclopedia. *grin*

I have more pix from the past few days (not caterpillars). I'll update some time. It's just so hot and humid here and having the fan on in my room at full swing isn't helping much either. And for some strange reason, I don't like having cold showers. I'm sure most people from colder climes would stare in amazement at the shower heaters we have here. Why would we need hot showers in a hot country? Because cold showers are cold! *grin* Okay, I'll stop my rambling now. Dina, if you're reading this...I told you so! Me blogging about caterpillars...and I'm not even a ... *thinks* etymologist? *looks it up on Google* Oops, not right. Entomologist! An etymologist is "a linguist who focuses primarily on the origins of words". Whoopsie.

Take care, all!
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