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Monday, April 03, 2006

Boredom + power outage + magnifying glass = kerengga carnage!

Sorry for the weird layout today. I'm not that bothered to correct it because I tried twice and that's enough. If it didn't take so darn long to upload the pic (my fault for not resizing), I would have righted it. Anyways, The power went out at 9:50am. I had time to shower and return to bed (only had 10 mins of lie-in time). Had breakfast and then took my camera out. On the way to the door, I got a hold of the old magnifying glass. Yes, I didn't have good intentions with that.

I walked to the mango tree that was to my left and noticed several kerengga ants crawling along with not a care in the world (well, one care - to gather food). I saw some patches of sunlight and started to focus the sun's rays on one hapless kerengga. It didn't know what hit it. Then another kerengga came to the rescue. It received the same treatment. At the end of it, I think I mortally wounded/critically injured up to 16 kerengga. Couldn't do more because it either got cloudy or the sun shifted enough for its rays to land on the leaves of the mango tree. So I moved to the wall and tried my luck killing the kerengga there. They moved too fast and there wasn't a constant supply of sunshine (blame the durian tree). So I started burning the letter 'S' on the dried durian trees.

My eyes were temporary 'blinded' by a yellow spot after all that. Had lunch just before 1pm and was supposed to accompany Mum to the library. One thing about this library is that they won't let you in without a library card. We used to be members, but since the shift from town to the outskirts, we let the membership expire. It got hot and I wasn't looking forward to getting dressed to go to the library. There are no new books (since the late 80s/early 90s) and I already read 'The Star' newspaper online. I would probably die of boredom there. I told Mum about changing my mind and she said that it wouldn't be worth the petrol if she went alone. So we all stayed in.

I lay down in my parents' bedroom floor because she had left the a/c on and the floor was very cool. I just let my back touch the floor and put my legs on the sheepskin rug. Too cold for the back of my legs. I think I might have slept. And then I went to sleep on the bed because Mum said it was cold there. Not true. Slept on a different area of the floor. Then it was 4pm and I decided that I had had enough of the cold, hard floor. I went to my room and lay on my bed. An hour later, the fan started to move. Yaay! I turned on my trusty laptop and went online.

About the two pix. Took the first several days ago and the second pic today. I love how the sky is so vividly blue in the first one. I had to kneel to get that photo and my hands were shaky.

I am still second in that game. I hope they do something about all that cheating happening. I shouldn't be the one monitoring the other players. I should be playing and enjoying myself. Grrr!

That's enough of my 'boring' day for you. Take care, all!

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