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Monday, April 24, 2006

Quiz time

While looking for some blank cards, I came across a letter from someone who was a guest at the hotel I used to work at. We met when (the now-defunct) Mobikom had a roadshow and he was part of the team involved. They stayed for a few days and we just got to talking. I'm a friendly person, always up for a chat when the opportunity crops up. He was friendly and had that educated air about him. Even after he checked out, he called the hotel once or twice to chat with me. I was certainly flattered. It's funny, I don't recall replying to his first letter. I feel bad, eventhough when I was working shifts at the hotel, my energy was just too sapped to sit down and write a nice, long letter.

Some years ago, I read about his father. They had a surname that was uncommon, so that how I knew the man in the papers ('The Longest serving government servant in Malaysia') was his father. I still didn't write (after so many years, I'd feel insulted that someone only got back to me because a family member was in the papers myself). A few years after that, his father passed away. In the obits, I read that he had married.

In the letter, he wrote that I was a unique person...blah blah blah. Well, if he meant all he said and I actually replied...that could have been my name in the obits as well. I could have been married!

Hang on, what if I DID reply and he saw that my uniqueness bordered on semi-insanity and HE was the one who didn't write back? Hmmm... It's times like these that I wish I had a more reliable memory. *grin*

I read at Dina Zaman's blog that they are looking for Malaysian writers to contribute funny/humorous anecdotes to be published in a book. I've been wracking my brain for something funny. Alas! what seems to be funny to me isn't to someone else. One good thing is they want a maximum of two pages. I have one embarrassing yet funny moment, but I can't express in words how funny it was. And do I really want people to read what happened to me and a friend? It was an honest mistake, I suppose.

Did a sleeping position quiz, here are the results:
I am a toboggan!

Find your own pose!

Since I am sleeping single, I don't think I'll need to worry about being the toboggan. It doesn't look at all comfortable.

I'm going to my uni in the morning. My request for an extension before repayment of my student loan was not accepted due to my uni not giving the right information in their letter, eventhough I clearly pointed out what was required. All they said was, "But this is the ONLY letter that we issue" and promptly shows me a letter of verification ("This letter is to verify that the aforementioned student is currently in her sixth semester", etc). Grrr!

Time for CSI. Bye and take care all!


'Thought & Humor' said...

Thanks for visiting my site.
You're really cool...

Dr. Howdy Whoami

Anonymous said...

just write and worry later. :)

lil ms d

Tigrrr said...

Dina: Maybe I should. Thank goodness the deadline is at the end of July. Got time.