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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Life of a caterpillar

A few days ago...

...the caterpillar hid behind a leaf. But why?

Cue hornet/wasp. I saw it flying from leaf to leaf, like a SWAT team going from room to room looking for terrorists/criminals. This hornet/wasp flew off to other plants and still returned to this lime bush, looking for food. Now I know why I don't see the other caterpillars anymore.

The next day, after looking for the caterpillar for several minutes under the baking sun, I spotted it hiding almost the the base of the lime plant. And I thought it had been taken away by a hornet/wasp.


...the caterpillar had attached itself to the stem of the lime plant. No more eating now. I blew at it and it moved a little.


Amazing how the caterpillar changed so drastically. No more eyes, no more legs or markings. I should have checked in on it last night, but we had guests for dinner and I didn't want to be seen as a crazy person intent on feeding mosquitoes at 10pm. I regret it now. And all this in less than 24 hours. I'm tempted to cut the branch this pupa is attached to and watch its progress. Unfortunately, cutting this branch would mean destroying two spiderwebs. I removed a leaf that was in the way to get a better shot, and then I realized the consequences of my actions. The pupa was in plain sight. So I just picked up the leaf I had pulled off and stuck it to a thorn.

I might post later. Til then, take care, all!

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