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Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Puzzler saga continues

I'm still number 1 in the game after they removed that cheater's name from the list. Alas, they didn't ban him/her. Found the name back in the list at #8. There was a new player just 99,000 points behind. I'm sure this new player is related to the cheater. And my suspicious were confirmed when 'bixxy' shot up from #9 to #2 with the accumulation of almost 1million points. Considering that each game is 2 mins long, this player would have needed at least 33 hours to get to that level.

You bet that I promptly sent a message to those people maintaining the site. Why do they not have people to monitor suspicious activity? The only concern players should have is getting enough points to get a prize, not eeeping tabs on players who cheat. GRRR. If they want to make it quick and simple, they should just ban those cheaters' behinds. Why let them play when there's still a big possibility that they will keep cheating?

I will be keeping awake tonight to monitor their progress. I think the former leader is testing the waters with bixxy to see if their dubious activity is still being monitored.

Oh Thursday, I went to the new Employee Provident Fund (EPF/KWSP) building at Jalan Kemajuan (next to the Terengganu Trade Center) to get the PIN number to my i-akaun. It was a big, impressive building. We looked at the directory and I was a little confused as to which floor I was supposed to go to. I reread the e-mail printout and confirmed that it was at the main lobby at the ground floor. I approached the smiling woman at the counter and explained that I was there to get my PIN number, and she promptly pressed button B to give me my Queue ticket. We walked several paces to the other side and sat down. I looked at the queue number on display, then I looked at my ticket. I glanced at the "Now attending to: 2038" and then to my number (2039). I looked up and saw that my number was on the display. My dad said, "It's your turn." I looked at counter #4 and the woman there was smiling at me. Wow, that was really quick. Barely had time to warm my seat. I walked to the counter and she bade me a good afternoon. Now this is what I call SERVICE! I greeted in kind and told her that I was there to get my PIN. She left and returned with a big file. She crossed out my name and I signed a form to confirm that I had received it and I gave my right thumbprint as well. She gave me the ink and I did the thumbprinting myself. It was an impressive thumbprint, if I may say so myself. Very clear, no smudges.

In less than 5 minutes, I was out of the building! Now I wish I had more business to do at the KWSP office. *grin* There was no wait at all. There were so many counters open, around eight people waiting (it's possible that some of those people were just tagging along). I hope the building and the service doesn't deteriorate with time.

That's it from me. Take care all!

p/s: I signed up with Flickr. I'm considering using the Flickr page as the link to the weekly PhotoFriday challenges.

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