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Saturday, April 01, 2006

It's April Fool's Day

And I haven't played any pranks (yet). Dad's still having his nap. I could barge in and say that one of his orchids fell down and broke. *evil chuckle* Should I?

Anyways, Simon says that I should have cleaned my doorknob. As we all know, whatever Simon says, we have to do. If Simon says hop, we hop. If we're playing that game anyway. And my game is, 'Simon wants a gf, but I'll find him one AFTER I get myself a bf'.

So, if any of you women who stray by this site see this, and you meet the requirements:
1) Preferably female (*evil chortle*)
2) Aged (...between 26 and 32 - hehehe)
3) Preferably living in the UK (close enough to Nottingham)
4) Doesn't mind his wandering eyes (by that I mean Nystigmus - the same condition that actor in Identity has)
5) Drives (as he can't due to his condition)
6) Not big-bosomed (Anna Nicole Smith/Tara Reid need not apply)
7) Smart and intelligent

If Simon reads this, I'll plead the APD (April Fools' Day) clause. Hey, at least I'm being proactive, am I not? Oh, I'm supposed to find a bf for myself first. Errm, well, if any interested women have elder brothers who are single and semi-good-looking, please leave your contact details in the comments section. *grin*

I was thinking that if anyone is interested in using my photos (as wallpaper, for instance) but don't like the annoying watermark on some of them, just let me know and I'll give you the photo/link to my Photobucket albums.

Well, I went to evaluate the bank in town on Thursday. And I thank my lucky stars that I wrote down the checklist in my notebook (printed questionnaire can't be taken along to the location), because when my Dad and I entered the bank (at a supposedly peak period between noon and 2pm), there were no queue ticketing machines and only two customers waiting in line. So while I waited, I got my Dad to check the premises. Arrived at 12:50pm, and we left at 1:15pm - after meeting with the assistant marketing officer. Pretended to be interested in their unit trust funds. Dad experienced a furniture malfunction just before we ended the meeting. His seat dropped in 'altitude' very rapidly, and as I saw him in the corner of my eye, I was wondering why he suddenly looked so short. Hehehehe...oh, speaking of Dad, he's woken up. Darn.

That's it from me. Take care, all! By the way, before I could submit this to Interfacelift, somebody sent in something similar. Grrr...

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