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Thursday, September 15, 2005

What? Another blog?


I didn't sign up to get the fourth blog in my blog collection. I wanted to be able to leave comments in my friends' blogs. Please stand by while I figure out what to do and what section of my life this blog needs to cover.

Innermost thoughts: part of my name is there, some people might know me (if you don't, just google "Sharlini"-lah, my surname is not Sankaran), so maybe not.

Wild escapades: Eh? What wild escapades? This is "me" we're talking about. I live in a small town, just about everywhere is five minutes away from my house. The cemetary is a 20-second walk from my front gate. And this State is part of the Malay Heartlands (boy, do I feel country right now), just escaped the clutches of the opposition government in the last elections and still no real nightspots to go to. Not that I care to go to these places anyway.

Acts of crime: Yeah, sure...whose? The closest I've been to crime is Kajang Prison. I was doing my practical training in the HQ (IT Dept) and the pre-release prisoners were cleaning the office. Let's see...have I committed any crimes? I'm so good, I used to write grafitti (very small) using a pencil (just so they could rub it off with an eraser if they wanted to). Oh, wait...there was one time I used 'Liquid Paper'/'Pentel Correction Fluid' to write something about a guy I detested. XXX is an MCP. Unfortunately, nobody knew what an MCP was. If I had written it in full:
a) people would recognize my handwriting
b) people would know it was one of two or three people (and that included me) whose English was far advanced than the rest of them.

I wonder if I can change the title of the blog. Thinking on my feet was never one of my better qualities. But it's short and sweet. No drama, unlike "Friend to all, lover to none".

I hope people won't think I simply jumped into the blogging bandwagon. My first blog was started early last year, so there! Other blogs are on Friendster, Yahoo 360 and... umm, oh yeah... that's a secret. The last one (which I started early last year) is a secret. Let's just say that it's Numb. If you can find that, then you are one clever fellow/person. Word of caution though: plenty of rambling, venting, boasting and gushing over this particular person that I know. So don't go there.

I am not going to whine, moan or be pathetic on this blog. No pitiful attempts at poetry, or fiction-writing (I save all that for the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest). I will try updating this as frequently as I can, but I'd rather not post if it's just a half-assed "Really didn't do anything today. I feel so sleepy. Bye!" entry.

That's it from me for now. Ta!

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