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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Inner Thoughts

A certain somebody in a forum I frequent requested for posts about my inner thoughts. Sorry, I don't answer requests!

5 reasons why I don't do inner thoughts:
  1. I usually try to keep my mind off things.
  2. Dwelling on things I cannot change is just pointless (forgotten about that fellow I posted about earlier).
  3. If I worried, it'll just add more lines to my forehead. I already have two.
  4. If I wrote about my inner thoughts, I'd be mortified to realize that I'm opinionated, childish, pampered, egotistical (I've got the pride of a lion and the temper of a Tiger), etc. I prefer to keep quiet and let people guess.
  5. I don't have much to think about.
Hmmm, does the list count as an inner thought? Darn, I guess I did fulfill that request after all!

It's late. I'm off to bed. But first, I need to rant a little. The results of the Star Merdeka Contest are out. It's not so bad that I didn't get anything, but to lose to entries with atrocious English is just disappointing, to say the least. Ugh... I've been told that organisers don't look at the quality of English, but the message conveyed. So typos and bad grammar are allowed. It makes me cringe though.

And in yesterday's paper, this local girl won a Mercedes Benz in the monthly Premium Savings certificate draw. From my town...with the name, "Sharleen". She's only 16 and she can't drive yet! I don't drive myself, but at least I have a driver's license!

*yawn* Okay, off to bed now. Good night.

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