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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Dead Gecko In The Bathroom

Two mornings ago, I saw what I thought was a dead gecko just under the sink. I tore off some toilet paper, slightly dreading the thought of holding it between my fingers. If there's one thing I do not like, it's creatures that can stick to walls (and your body). Geckos and tree frogs fall into this category.

As I was gently positioning the TP over the body, letting the edge caress it, the gecko sprung back to life! It scurried slowly across the green tiles, close to death. I recoiled in horror/disgust. It wasn't dead yet, despite a tear that exposed its flesh and a stain that ran from the site until the middle of it's body. I took an old contest entry form (the paper is really thick and sturdy), trying to scoop it up, and it moved again! I dropped the piece of paper, which now shielded the gecko from sight.

I left the bathroom. Left the paper and the TP and the gecko in there. I figured that I would wait til it died.

Several hours later ...

The gecko had moved towards the loo. It wasn't moving. As I tried to scoop it back into the piece of paper, it indicated that there was still some life left in it. I gave up, and left the bathroom once more.

Fast-forward to 11pm. I entered the bathroom and stared at the motionless body. I hoped that it had finally given up the ghost. I saw a couple of ants near the body. I gave it a few nudges with the contest entry form, and it lay there with unblinking eyes. Mustering the courage that had left me twice before, I scooped up the gecko and threw it into the bin.

Mission accomplished! There's no way I could be a contestant in Fear Factor.

In other news, I figure that the person whom I was wondering about in the previous posts is as good as yesterday's dead gecko. People who don't appreciate the way that I think/am, well, they don't know what they're missing, especially after having some enjoyable conversations.

Time to concentrate on my Final Year Project.

Plan_B, where are you?

1 comment:

Sharlini said...

Hi Sharlini, I love your raindrop pictures - beautiful.
I remember the geckos well, and I don't miss them one bit! My grandma used to say that if a gecko peed on your head, you were marked for death!

One sad bit of news though - I thought I got away from the giant Malaysian cockroaches when I moved to North Carolina (USA). Let me tell you - they are just as big and just as scary over here. But not so copious.