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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Why do some people have to be so sensitive?

This happened to me yesterday. I was chatting with this guy I had played online Pool with and he had the impression that I no longer wanted to chat with him. If I didn't, would I have said 'Hi' to him while I was invisible?

Perhaps I made the mistake of telling him that I had been chatting with another online Pool partner the night before, because he started asking me to explain myself. I'm thinking, "I played a handful of games with him and he's asking me to explain why I didn't send him messages?" Huh? I don't know why I actually tried to explain to him that I did reply to his messages, but he wanted me to send him messages first. He was usually idle and I would rather send him a message if he was online, but that didn't pacify him. He seemed convinced that I wasn't planning on chatting with him any more and he asked if he could delete me from his contact list. After all the explaining I had to do, I agreed. I think my answer surprised him a little. Maybe he expected me to apologize profusely or something. But as I saw it, I don't have to explain anything to anybody, much less someone I only knew for a few days.

I closed the window and thought he would delete me, but later I still saw his handle there. So I did him a favour and deleted him. If he was so set on deleting me, why didn't he do it immediately?

Am I wrong in wanting friends on YM I can just say 'Hi' to? Or perhaps vent to once in a while? I don't expect people to message me all the time (okay, so I'm invisible and they wouldn't know I am online, but that's besides the point) and I don't message my friends that often. Why? I figure they're busy. I'm invisible because sometimes I have a lot of things to handle and having an IM chat would be frustrating to somebody who has to wait for my replies. When I do have a decent IM chat, I get antsy. I need to do something else besides chat. It developed during my dial-up per-minute charges stage. I feel guilty spending time chatting.

I saw the guy I wrote about in my previous post (the one who used his grandfather's name) online on YM. I made myself visible and there was no response. So I deleted him too. It these kinds of situations, I'm not the one who goes running to people who say they don't want to chat with me anymore.

I decided to update today because I realized (from the counter) that there is more than one person reading this. All this while, I thought the counter was logging my own presence. I'm sure there are no repeat visitors though. It would help if you left a comment and I know there are repeat visitors such as yourself.

*yawn* I should sleep. Good night/day wherever you may be.

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