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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Snap-happy at the beach

My sis decided to drag me to the beach a few days ago to keep an eye on the kids, but I found out soon enough that my Dad and sis' maid were tagging along too. Anyways, I needed some fresh salty air after being cooped indoors for ... ages, and I brought along my trusty camera. The Chip Online Malaysia forum had recently opened their Photo Gallery and I needed some fresh shots of anything.

Dad drove to the usual spot behind the religious school
(near the old government quarters) and there was hardly anyone around. Then again, it was after 5:30pm, during Ramadhan. There was a group of boys crowding around three other boys on ponies. As the beach had recently been reclaimed (much farther to walk towards the beach), I told my sis that perhaps it would be a better idea to rent the ponies to get to the edge of the water. It was tough walking on uneven sand. Halfway there, one of the ponies got free. Trotted towards freedom, with one boy running after it. He managed to catch the pony soon enough.

The kids got down to business and started making sand castles. So did Dad. I admired a big cloud in the sky (the bit where the sun's rays shone through created a spectrum of colours). As Nephew #1 was building his tower of sand ...

Can you detect some evil intent in that little fellow's brain? No? Well, guess what happens after this shot?

Funnily enough, he didn't crush that tower of sand. Instead, he threw the spade somewhere else. And his attention was taken elsewhere. And so was mine.

Looking towards my left, I spotted a blue plastic basket and a frondless coconut leaf. Nothing of note on the basket (a lightbulb and three seashells). So I took pix of the frondless palm leaf. I don't know how photographers do it. Do they wait for the waves to come close or just snap away? I think I took more than 5 shots.

Further away, I noticed a makeshift shelter made out of bamboo poles and coconut palm fronds. As I walked towards it, I noticed an adult and child further away in the center of this makeshift shelter. I tried to be arty, but my camera is only 5MP and has no powerful telephoto lens. I gave up that idea.

Took several shots of the shelter.

Then I noticed the ships.

And then I realized that I could use the makeshift shelter as the frame! Refer to first photo. Well, I was happily snapping away.

As it was getting dark, I started walking back towards the others. I saw the horses' tracks in the sand and I took pix of those too. I told you I was snap-happy! We heard the fireworks go off, indicating the breaking of fast. We walked back towards the car. Fast-forward the other bits and we got home by 7pm. It's less than 10 mins drive to home. The advantages of living in a small town, everywhere is considered 'close'.

I must apologize to the dial-up users (if any) who realized too late that this post was image-laden. Well, at least be happy I haven't used another shot of a raindrop-encrusted anona leaf.


** Thanks go to Simon W for providing the thought-bubbles. ;-)

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