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Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Deepavali/Diwali and Selamat Hari Raya

If there's anybody reading this blog right now who celebrates one of these two festivals, I hope you have a joyous and satisfying time. See, I have no skills to make it as a Hallmark card message writer. I don't write stuff that make people go, "Awww..." as they wipe away a careless tear from their eye.

Anyways, I've been having a little Quantum Leap marathon. Season Three. 1990-1991. I never saw any episodes in that season. And I was a diehard fan then. I remember one time, after a tiring 8-hour journey back from Kluang after the Chinese New Year break, I burst into the house to turn on the TV. Just to catch the last 20mins of the episode. I think Sam was a woman in that episode.

How could I have missed an entire season? Tuition classes!! Those classes were in preparation for my SPM exams. I took Additional Math, Physics, Chemistry. Sacrificed a season of Quantum Leap and I failed my Add. Math, got a C6 for Physics and a C4 for Chemistry. And look at me now. No use for Add. Math, Physics or Chemistry in my life.

Anyways, I can understand why I had such a crush on Scott Bakula. He was 36 - 37 then and he sang, he danced, he acted his way into my heart. *swoon* He was goofy in an endearing way. I haven't seen a full episode of Enterprise, even though I know he's the Captain. I did a little research and he's Capt. Jonathan Archer in there. I IMDB-ed him (think this word will follow the footsteps of Google and be turned into a verb?) and found out that he's been active in the theater and musicals. Both his parents are musical. His little patch of white hair appeared when he was four. At the time, he was also at a neighbour's house that was undergoing painting and his mother thought the patch of white was a result of the paint. Hope she didn't try to turpentine the white out of his hair. *g*

I had forgotten the close rapport the character he plays (Dr. Sam Beckett) had with Al. The writing is just superb: witty, intelligent and thought-provoking. What makes this series so much better than Tru Calling and Sliders is that he gets to be somebody entirely different (yet still be him) every week, and there's always that hope that he finally gets to leap home in the end. And then there are times when he gives ideas to people who eventually end up being famous. He told a guy in one episode that he saw/heard that someone had used slabs of beef as punching bags when that guy told the priest ("Leap of Faith") that he couldn't make it to boxing practice. The guy closes his locker and the name on the locker was 'S. Stallone'. Brilliant! I love this show.

Met my super today. She tells me that my presentation will be sooner than later. And that I'll be presenting with the juniors. I told my mum this and she said I must be embarrassed. I told her I shouldn't be ashamed, because the mess I am in is not my fault. I wasn't the one who changed my title 6 weeks before the final presentation. Okay, I admit, I am feeling a little nervous about the thought of presenting. But I'm usually nervous presenting in front of people. Anyways, I've done this three times before (but in front of my coursemates) and all I did was focus on my lecturers. I ignored everybody else. I spoke English (everybody else in my course spoke in Malay) and that does intimidate some of the lecturers and the ones who usually bombard the others with questions are strangely silent. I shouldn't assume thing will be the same way this year though. Hope for the best and be prepared for the worst.

That's it from me then. Kinda missing someone I know. By the time he gets back home, I'll have to prepare my proposal and powerpoint presentations. Arrghhh...

I wish I could leap like Sam into the future and end up being in KT Nov 29th, watching and experiencing the Monsoon Cup '05. Datuk Michelle Yeoh, her fiance Jean Todt (Ferrari racing team boss), Michael Schumacher, Jackie Chan and a host of others are expected to be here too. Now I wish I was back to working at the hotel. It's so easy to talk to VIP guests like that. I remember Sheila Majid was the best. I sent her a note and she came down to the lobby with a poster and asked for a marker pen. She handed the poster to me personally. How humble is that? She's the greatest. As for Ning Baizura... errr, no comment. ;-)

Take care!

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