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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Which Lost Character am I?

While checking out's site, I found the link to a Lost Quiz. The spelling of 'mysterious' became 'mysteries', so beware of that. The last question was a decoy. I wanted to be Kate, but I got:

Take the quiz: "Which LOST character are you?"

You are Jack. You are fighting your inner demons, but deep down inside you know you're doing what you think is right.

Oh well, better Jack than Claire or Locke.

My sister's family will be driving up tomorrow. They will be around til Sunday (sis, hubby and the maid), and then the kids will be staying til mid-Nov. Mum lamented that the church was organizing a trip to northwest Malaysia (Perak, Kedah...) during Raya; five days, RM200, all food and lodging provided for. Arrghhh...I wish I could go! But I need to finish my final year project and writing my thesis. Grrr...

That James Blunt tune keeps ringing in my head, especially that last line, "But it's time to face the truth, I will never be with you." The story of my life. People I like, I can't be with due to:
  1. Age/Religious differences
  2. Distance
To be realistic though, I like the first guy as a friend. I know I can't give anything more. So it's not really about him, is it? Okay, maybe it's about guys in general. Am I in denial? Nooo, I can't be. ;-)

Wonder how Plan_B is doing in the Philippines. He'll be there for two weeks. 6 + 14...hmm, he should be back by the 21st. Maybe he got enthralled by the experience, a new country, finally being with his lady-love and using the Tagalog he learnt from a ex-co-worker.

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