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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Two-petalled Crown of Thorns flower chosen

I hadn't checked my site stats in awhile and so when I noticed how many hits I had this week, I had to widen my eyes. A third photo was chosen at (June 6th). Nice to know that they do look through past submissions.

The reason I'm dragging my feet to update is because I have a lot to write about and the days are just too hot and humid. And if there's rain, there'll be thunder too (and I have to shutdown). I learnt yesterday, at the Frappr Sidekick Members chat page, that certain ISPs in the US replace fried modems (due to thunderstorms) free of charge! No fair.

I'll try to update later today. While I can still remember some details. Note to self: mention dead giant white mouse at Pets Wonderland.

Take care, all! By the way, I can't seem to chose font styles or see any of the usual functions on Blogger using Opera. Hmmm...

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