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Monday, July 23, 2007

I got tagged!

Tsk, trust me to find out a few months later that I've been tagged by Feisal.

'7 Reasons Why You Blog'

1. Because I had the time.
2. Because I started getting too lazy writing e-mail to people.
3. Because I didn't want to repeat myself when talking about the same thing (but I haven't really updated, have I?).
4. Because I had this idea that my brain was full of interesting thoughts and ideas.
5. Because there was that 'I am a blogger, I am cool and great' label attached to bloggers AT THE TIME. I wanted to dispel that. =D
6. Because I thought 'Do Not Resuscitate' was a great title.
7. Because I could?

Hehehe, thank you Feisal. ;-)

In other news, working is good, barely three weeks into my stint over there. Handle lots of returns. Word of warning to the people who buy stuff because they're cheap (the item and/or the person being cheap), there is a risk that your item (electrical in all cases) is a fire hazard. I've seen rice cookers with melted heating elements! Just imagine if someone had left it unattended and gone out. There would be nothing but burnt embers when they came home. If it's not the fire risk, then there's the risk of the thing not working at all. Rice uncooked or burnt, water unboiled, channels not changing with the remote control.

The brands to look out for: Aspp0r0, Mapp0r0 (the zeroes need to be replaced with 'o's), Ph1lux (replace '1' with 'i').

Sometimes, the branded items are better and you don't have to worry about them breaking down as often as the cheap brands. You can't buy cheap items from a communist country and expect Japanese technology, right?

I received something in the mail yesterday. I came home around 11:20pm and saw it on my table. At first I thought I won a contest, and then I saw that Simon's gift had arrived. Man, opening that package was like giving birth to a baby (I did not use a pair of scissors)! So much cellophane tape. If tape was made out of trees, the world would look like Easter Island. But at least my present did arrive in one piece.

When I got the present out of the shiny red wrapping paper (it was still covered in bubble wrap), I saw a photo frame. I already knew what it was from the Customs declaration form. My first thought was, "Awww, great! A photo frame. I don't even have photos to put in it!" Since getting my digital camera, I don't print the photos I take. They're either in my hdd or on Flickr and Photobucket. As I tore off the bubble wrap, I suddenly noticed the photos in the divided areas of the frame. Simon had printed out some of the photos I had on Flickr. Awww...

By the way, while I was opening my present, Dad was standing by to see what I got. Because I took my time, he complained, "Can't you open it any quicker? I'm waiting!"

So let this be a forewarning to anyone who wants to send me stuff via mail. Don't send me anything you wouldn't want my father to see. I have no privacy. And yes, I'll be 33 this year. Hmmm, maybe a risque item IS what I need to get some privacy around here. Hehehehe...

Worm in Raindrop I put my feet up - another angle

Daisy My Favourite Kind of Shot

You stay on your side

I think it's one of the nicest things anybody's ever done for me. Thank you again, Simon. =) See, I don't need battery-operated items. =Þ

Time to get out of bed. Bye and thank you for reading, all.

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